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Crystal Clear and Understandable

I am extremely satisfied with the service I received from Monfort and happy with the advice I have received which helped me a lot in my financial planning and retirement calculations. The discussions impacted very positively the way I think about my future plans.

I received detailed explanation and expert advice on the pension system and the Swiss property market in a crystal clear and understandable way.

Gabor Nemeth

Monfort International GmbH

Monfort explained structured and clearly a individual financial plan for me as an international working in switzerland. All advices were given in a clear and understandable way with a hands-on mentality. Happy to have a competent partner!
Marcel Hi

I Am Very Happy With The Advice

I am very happy with the advice I have received from Monfort. Monfort explained how the pension system works and provided advice on the Swiss property market and mortgage options. I was happy with my financial plan and the recommendations I received. All advice was given in a clear and understandable way. The retirement calculations help me to think about my future plans.
Min Z

I Find The Team To Be Very Professional

I have been taking financial advice from Monfort International for over a year. I find the team to be very professional, have good and realistic advice and always try to fit their proposals to the specific customer. Would very much recommend if you need help with retirement planning or other financial decisions.
Anna Shopova

I have been working with Monfort since 2015

I have been working with Monfort since 2015. They have always helped and advised me with Swiss pensions and tax planning. They helped me to make right decisions to save money and increase my savings.

As I have now left Switzerland and returned to Spain, I have also received advice on withdrawing my 2nd pillar pension to purchase a property. They are always willing to help and have in-depth knowledge of the Swiss financial market. Thanks for your very good recommendations!

Ignacio Mochales Cuesta
  • Good use of time, definitely recommended. The retirement calculations made me think about my future plans.

    thumb Mukul Badonia
    September 15, 2022

    We are satisfied with the service we received, they solved all of our questions and their recommendations were aligned to our current situation and goals. They proved different alternatives and were transparent about the benefits and specifications of each one.

    thumb Hayde
    July 26, 2022

    All advice was given in a clear and understandable way.

    thumb Bruna Mendes
    August 19, 2022
  • Easy to talk to and totally professional team. Highly recommend them

    thumb Ravinder Singh
    September 15, 2022

    The retirement calculations made me think about my future plans. I would happily recommend Monfort.

    thumb Tanya Key
    January 26, 2022

    Professional, friendly and very knowledgable. I would recommend to any expat in Switzerland!

    thumb Desi Bichakova
    December 26, 2021
  • Professional and customer centric service

    thumb Andrea Cena
    April 26, 2022

    I was happy with my financial plan and the recommendations I received.

    thumb anna radzka
    December 26, 2021

    Always a nice instructive chat with good personalized advices for everyone.

    thumb Marcel Kompter
    May 26, 2022
  • They break down financial advise in a simple and easy to understand manner, i have had very professional yet personalized interactions. i am very happy with the services from Monfort.

    thumb Vineet Nangia
    January 26, 2022

    Very happy and satisfied with Monfort's guidance in financial planning in Switzerland.

    thumb Andrés Jiménez
    December 8, 2022

    Good overview of Swiss pension and investment system and future plan advices!

    thumb Rafael Murbach
    July 26, 2022

Our Financial Planning Process

Free Financial Plan

In order to receive your free financial plan, our consultants will take you through a five-step video call process. This process is designed to ensure that we get a full understanding of your current circumstances and financial objectives. This will enable us to create a bespoke financial plan.


Your financial consultant will introduce our company and explain in detail exactly how we add value to our clients. We will cover how our video call financial planning process works, provide an overview of all the services offered, how we are regulated, and cover any initial questions


We will gather key information as to your current financial circumstances and your objectives. This is crucial to ensure that all advice is tailored to your needs. All information given is kept private and confidential and will only be used to create your financial plan and ensure all recommendations are tailored for you.


Our consultant will then present your personalized financial plan. We will show you exactly what you need to consider in order to hit your objectives and present a broad list of ideas as to how you could make your planning more efficient both in the short, medium, and long term.​


This video call is to explore each recommendation in more detail. This could include, tax optimization, Insurance planning, investment advice, protection of assets, and inheritance planning, After all, recommendations, are made your advisor will send your bespoke financial plan and recommendations to you by email. ​

Q & A

This is your opportunity to ask your consultant any questions regarding your financial plan and any of the recommendations made. From here you can decide which recommendations you would like to implement. If you are happy, together we will agree on a plan to embark on financial freedom by offering ongoing meetings. ​

Get your free financial plan here.

Contact us today to get a jump on your future.

Early retirement is an appealing option… if you have the financial means. We walk you through a thorough analysis to ensure that you can make informed choices.

You want your children to have the best education possible, yet school and university expenses and fees can be costly, and are constantly rising.

We all have needs for different insurances to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Most people have many different insurances polices and a large amount of people do not know exactly what they are covered for until they need to claim.

We dream of owning our own home, but the high cost of homes generally requires a home mortgage to make this become a reality. Monfort International can access the right mortgage to fit your needs.

Investments are a very important part of financial planning. In today’s low interest environment the decision as to where to invest your capital becomes even more important.

An offshore, or overseas, bank account is one that is held in a country where the account holder does not reside. They enable you to  hold money and open savings and investment accounts in multiple currencies.

Swiss Pension Schemes

Swiss pensions are based on three pillars. Both pillars 1 and 2 are mandatory and include life and disability insurance. The third pillar is a tax-deductible private pension plan that may be opened with any bank or insurance company. 

Click here to discover our Swiss pension plans.


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Non iste suscipit! Impedit repellat morbi fames dapibus illum, elementum etiam, cupiditate.

Non iste suscipit! Impedit repellat morbi fames dapibus illum, elementum etiam, cupiditate.