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Monfort International is an independent financial consultancy with a presence in Europe, Latin America and a head office in Zürich, Switzerland.

At Monfort International we specialize in providing advice specifically designed to allow our clients to achieve their financial goals. Our clients will work with their own adviser to develop and implement a financial plan, which will demonstrate how efficient financial planning can achieve financial success.

Your adviser will get to know your financial objectives and investment concerns before creating a plan. Once the plan is in place we will offer ongoing advice to ensure that you know which options are available in order to optimize your finances to achieve your financial goals.

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“Achieving your financial goals through the successful management of your finances”



It’s never too early or too late to start planning ahead! We can help you plan your investments, protect your assets, and retire more comfortably. Our honest advice will help you choose the options that make the most sense for you both now and in the future.

The sooner you begin to plan and save for retirement, the better your chances of being able to live well during your golden years. However, planning and saving for retirement is often easier said than done. While everyone will agree that saving for retirement is the right thing to do, we often put it off. The first step in the retirement planning process is to determine your annual income needs during retirement.

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