Due to a law introduced in 2006, expatriates may transfer their UK pension scheme to a Qualified recognized overseas pension scheme (QROPS).   HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) must recognize the scheme.

If you have a UK pension but are now living outside of the UK a Montfort adviser will talk you through the options available for your UK pension. The benefits of transferring a UK pension into QROPs could include:

A tax free lump sum of 30%
No Lifetime allowance charge.
No UK Inheritance tax.
Flexible Investment options tailored to your objectives.
Transparent charges.
Earlier access to your pension.

In order to evaluate if a Qrops is the correct option for you we will firstly ask you to complete a letter of Authority form. This will allow us to obtain information regarding your UK pension. Once we have the information back we will produce a free report highlighting the details of your UK pension, such as: Current scheme rules, Current value, Age at which you can access, how it will be taxed and treatment of your pension upon death.  From here our adviser will talk you through which options you have available to you in order to best suite your personal financial objectives.

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