Pillar 3a

The 3rd pillar pension is a voluntary pension that can be opened with any bank or Insurance company in Switzerland.

Provided you are employed in Switzerland, the maximum contribution of CHF 6768 (2016) can be fully deducted from taxation. For the majority of working people in Switzerland this will reduce tax liability by between CHF 1,000 and CHF 2,500 per annum.  

As this tax incentive is designed to help people save for retirement, 3a funds can only be withdrawn on retirement or death unless:

You purchase property in Switzerland.
You leave Switzerland permanently.
You set up a business in Switzerland.
You are unable to work or claim invalidity benefit.

In most cases if you are working in Switzerland the advantages of opening a 3 account are beneficial. Our advisors will demonstrate how a 3a account can reduce tax whilst saving towards retirement. In addition to this we can also help you decide which 3a product best suites you’re needs based on an analysis of your future objectives.
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